Wacky and bizarre characters are waiting for you in the unpredictable world of Fallen Leaf!

Take control of Leaf, an eager treasure hunter tasked with putting a stop to a repressive, merciless ruler reawakened by his own hand!

Aided by newfound magical gauntlets, and an ever-growing list of extended relatives, he'll venture high and low through dark caves, deep oceans, dense city skylines, and even the clouds just to find that one special item with the power to vanquish evil!

  • Jump and shoot your way through over 70 platforming stages riddled with secrets!

  • Collect gauntlet upgrades to power up your attacks, and expand your arsenal with magical sub-weapons for adaptive combat approaches.

  • Weighty projectile slinging rewards careful, strategic gameplay while punishing mindless button mashing.

  • Unlock additional characters with unique gameplay styles!

  • Explore 4+ expansive and diverse world maps—choose your own routes, visit towns inhabited by NPCs, and even discover hidden stages!

  • A wide variety of locales brimming with an even wider array of enemies ensures your journey won't get stale.

  • Vibrant graphics adhere to an authentic 8-bit color palette, but the use of more simultaneous colors and a widescreen aspect ratio results in eye-catching detail not seen in the classic era.

  • A driving chiptune soundtrack features catchy melodies with all the beeps and boops you know and love!

  • Uncover the mystery of an ancient evil and the "heroic wizard" who sealed it away. This fresh take on a tried-and-true premise tackles themes of redemption and retribution, while never forgetting to make you laugh—or at least crack a smile!